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Why You should Invest Offshore?

Offshore Investments for a long time have been the best way to accumulate and protect your wealth, while protecting your income from excessive taxation. There are a huge number of benefits to investing your capital into an offshore investment brokerage and these are;

  • Increased access to investment opportunities
  • Lower tax rates on your earnings
  • Higher levels of returns than your local market
  • Access to better information
  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • Better selection of brokerages

Unlock Investment Opportunities

By choosing to invest offshore, you are choosing to give yourself better financial options to generate and retain your hard earned capital.

what our clients say

  • Johannes Naidoo

    "Investing-offshore Assisted me with finding the right broker to work with outside of South Africa. After looking for months to find a broker who could assist me with moving my money offshore, I stumbled across this company, and have not looked back. Investing-offshore showed me the options,and now I have a clear view of what I need to do."

  • Frank Walker

    "I have been searching for a way to keep my money safe offshore, and my friend suggested investing-offshore to find a broker who can help me find a brokerage that can offer all of the services I needed to keep my legacy alive for my family’s future. Thank you guys for helping me find the help I needed."

  • Faizel Moyet

    "Investing-Offshore shared their extensive knowledge to help us transition to a more sophisticated, offshore brokerage. They learned about our family’s needs and goals and explored all their options to find the best broker for us. I highly recommend getting in touch, if you are looking for a brokerage that meets your needs."

About Investing Offshore

Investing-Offshore are dedicated to assisting South Africans in finding an offshore brokerage that match their needs and goals with their brokers. We are a people first company who specialize in matching everyday investors with companies that they can rely on for generating and protecting their capital with sound advice and investment strategies that directly benefit you, the client.

We understand that finding the right broker, and entering the markets is difficult at the best of times, with the navigation of financial services providers a seemingly endless experience, this is where Investing-Offshore helps you. We listen to the people who need and use our services, we assess their needs as an individual and based on their goals and preferences, we recommend the right solution for their financial needs.

Everyday thousands of South Africans looking to invest their money in offshore markets, come to us to seek our help in finding a brokerage that they can rely on in their times of need, and we help them. By using Investing-Offshore, you are choosing to streamline your approach to the international markets, and saving yourself countless hours searching the web for that one perfect brokerage. We do the hard work for you.

Our main goal at Investing-Offshore is to help people find the best matched offshore brokerage by doing the searching for you. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are put in contact with a brokerage who has all the available tools to meet your needs as an investor.

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